Why Telemarketing is an important weapon in your Marketing Arsenal

by Stephanie Weber

in Telemarketing

Does the thought of making a Cold Call bring you out in a sweat?

CTS 150x150 Why Telemarketing is an important weapon in your Marketing ArsenalFor 99% of all business owners, the answer would be an undeniable yes.

Funny how we come out with all sorts of excuses to put off making those calls, suddenly book-keeping our accounts seems quite an attractive prospect and must be done right now…

Sound familiar?

The fear of rejection is a major reason why we recoil from the thought of it. Perhaps it brings back childhood memories of being the last to be picked for a school sports team that does it.

But, if you can overcome that fear, and actually pick up the phone, the rewards can be immense.


FAQs 150x150 Why Telemarketing is an important weapon in your Marketing ArsenalWell, it’s not unlike the revelations you almost always see on an episode of “Undercover Boss”. The far-removed-from-the-shop-floor-CEO, suddenly has his or her eyes re-opened to the reality of how customers and their staff perceive their business. This can be both reassuring as well as full of future opportunities that may have otherwise been lost.

In fact, the advantages certainly outweigh the negatives. It can be a useful tool to benchmark yourself against your competitors, to see how successful your USP really is, or whether you fall into the “you’re just like the rest of them” labelled box.

In today’s digital world, although we have immediate online response, it is no replacement for direct human contact. It is very easy to use the written word as a safety blanket against hearing what your customers or prospects really think about you. Plus it is much harder to feel the emotional response to your products and services.

Telemarketing doesn’t need to be used solely for booking appointments with prospective buyers.

- No, it can be used as a vital research tool before you invest too much money in a new marketing campaign. Not only is it quick, easy and cheap, but you’ll rarely find anyone holds back from telling you their opinion on a future product or service or even the price point you plan to launch.

Or you may want to check that the market sector you are targeting does indeed have a need for your solution.

In times where we have massive expectations on what we want our precious marketing budget to deliver, spending a little time talking directly to our target audience has to be a prudent as well as valuable step to take.

3 Quick Tips for novice Telemarketers to Increase your chances of Success:

On average, you will need to make 20 calls in order to book 5 appointments, so like almost everything else in the marketing world, it is a numbers game.

But follow these 3 tips, and you should achieve this plus more!

1. Give careful consideration to the businesses on your List to call

As you are effectively marketing to a cold list of prospects, you want to give yourself the best chance possible of attracting some attention and hooking some interest on your first call. So if you are offering a high end product, it may not be a great idea to target start ups.

2. Write out a Script for how you want the call to go

As the famous expression goes, “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. As a novice telemarketer, the more planning you put into your script, the more confident you will feel, and this will come across in the call itself. Also write down all the objections you may hear, and your planned response to each of them. Ideally, you need to practise the script first with a willing objective third party, who will give feedback not only on the content, but also on your performance. Also try using your smart phone to record the role play and hear for yourself where you may need to improve.

3. Be realistic about the results

…at least initially. Do not go after the ideal client you’ve had your eye on straight away. That would be a recipe for “dis-as-ter dahling” (as Craig from “Strictly” would say). Instead, choose some low pressure prospects from your list, where you can relax and not put yourself under pressure to deliver.

Like everything in life, it takes practise. So you can’t expect to be landing a £10,000 deal in your first few calls. Not only that, but this too is an important distinction; – you should not go into a cold call expecting to make a sale. You are purely introducing your business and effectively starting a marketing process to move from cold call to warm lead to hot prospect to client in several more steps.

Finally, remember that being consistent, so that you make cold calling a part of your daily marketing activities, it will soon become second nature to you, and your answers will become more natural, as well as your ability to think on your feet and handle objections.

If you would like to learn more about creating your own telemarketing campaign, or need some assistance creating your script or obtaining a compiled list, do contact us here at Webertek.

We can help you if you are keen to carry out your own campaign and need help in designing it, or if you would prefer to outsource the entire activity, we can do that for you too.

To find out more, call us right now on 0203 286 0230 before your competitors do.




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