After a poor year in 2011 where the average web marketing spend remained the same, or even slightly dipped, it appears that British companies are feeling more confident for 2012, with marketing budgets set to increase. According to research carried out annually by MindMetre Marketing Barometer, confidence amongst British firms is considerably higher than in [...]

Do you have a website that’s attracting fewer visitors than a Museum about Traffic Wardens would? Webertek’s high quality SEO services delivers fast results for your website leading to increased sales and profits that will leave your competitors stunned. SEO services can help boost your business by drawing more visitors to your company’s website, which in [...]

Not that long ago, it was only the large corporates, with their big budgets who could afford to pay for Marketing Agencies and those infamous PR firms to help position them in the market and then to create the sales channels to connect their products to their ideal customers. For the SME’s with their tighter [...]