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In today’s fast-paced industry, you need to stay constantly updated. You can expect many positive results by making sure your website has an attractive design and excellent development. Your website is not just a place to post your products and company information—it’s also one of your best marketing tools. Successful business ventures rely on marketing [...]

It’s part of a business owner’s DNA to wear lots of different hats simultaneously and pick up the latest business buzz words. So there are not many small business owners that haven’t heard of websites, search engine optimisation, social media and online advertising. Indeed most will have a website of some description and may have [...]

Many small business owners are left scratching their heads as to the reasons why their online business isn’t bringing in the bacon. After all, they have invested good money into a website that looks good, and that should be enough, shouldn’t it? The business owner is so busy with everything else in the business, that [...]

In the days before the internet, much business marketing activity took place via direct mail and the telephone. You may have noticed that the amount of direct mail that you now receive daily from the postman is much lower. That’s not to say that direct mail is not still a widely used and successful marketing [...]

Which type of website do you have? As a business owner, you are bound to have come across many website designers trying to sell you a website. And many small businesses when they are in start up mode go ahead and buy one for several hundred pounds. However, the business owner is often left wondering where [...]