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Nowadays many small businesses are far more in touch with the benefits of internet marketing than the larger corporates who still believe that marketing is only about branding and pretty colours. You only have to go to one networking event to find a multitude of specialists in web design, search engine optimisation, social media or [...]

After a poor year in 2011 where the average web marketing spend remained the same, or even slightly dipped, it appears that British companies are feeling more confident for 2012, with marketing budgets set to increase. According to research carried out annually by MindMetre Marketing Barometer, confidence amongst British firms is considerably higher than in [...]

Many small business owners are left scratching their heads as to the reasons why their online business isn’t bringing in the bacon. After all, they have invested good money into a website that looks good, and that should be enough, shouldn’t it? The business owner is so busy with everything else in the business, that [...]