How Business Goals can affect your Motivation

by Stephanie Weber

in Strategy

SMART goals” is one of those management bingo terms that often gets bounded about when you’re straight out of school/college and in your first proper office job and your manager sits you down to set your performance review objectives.

(And in case those days were actually years ago, the acronym stands for Smart, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic and Time-bounded).

It all sounds like management guff doesn’t it?  And yes, you can easily conclude that it doesn’t apply in the “real world” of entrepreneurial Britain.

However, how many of us actually truly apply these to the business goals we set in our own business? Too often we are caught up in wanting to get on with getting the clients through the door to have time to sit down and write down what it is we want to achieve from our business and how we believe we can actually help others. That’s really what it boils down too. And without that clarity of what it is we are wanting to achieve, how can we possibly expect our prospects to know what it is we could do for them?

Goals are often tied up with your personal value systems as well. So if you are struggling to feel motivated in your business, it is often because what you are doing is not congruent/aligned with your value system. That’s why understanding your WHY is so important. Are you in business to make as much money as you possibly can? To help others? To prove that you can be a successful business owner? To contribute to society by employing others? To get one up on your neighbours?

It really doesn’t matter what it is that makes you tick, but what is important is that your goals reflect your why. Just by changing this focus, suddenly everything will become much easier for you, and the obstacles will magically disappear.

For example, I have a client, let’s call him Bob, who is highly organised and knows exactly what financial targets he needs to meet each month. His goals are based around how many new clients he needs to convert each week and month. Very admirable I hear you cry in Bob’s defence. Yes, if only more business owners knew these figures! However, Bob wasn’t motivated and couldn’t understand why everything seemed so difficult and an uphill battle.

One morning we sat down together over a coffee, and Bob told me how he’d been feeling. He was doing his dream job, working for himself on his own terms, so why wasn’t he getting on with it and enjoying himself? I simply replied “Why did you go into business in the first place?” All Bob wanted to do was help other businesses to succeed. Not at all unrealistic and most certainly achievable.

So I challenged Bob to set his goals around how many other businesses he could help each month, putting the emphasis onto what was important to Bob. After all, the more businesses he helps, the more he will achieve his financial goals regardless. Right?

Just this simple tweak has helped Bob to focus on what’s important to him, rather than what he thinks should be important to him. As a result, he can relax more during client consultations which in turn allows him to speak from the heart and give the client what they need rather than what it is he is going to get.

So if you’re struggling to feel motivated about your business, just take a few minutes to re-ask yourself the question why this is so important to you. Then contrast it with your current goals to see whether they match. Once your goals are congruent with your why, everything will become much easier!

Let me know how you get on.

Or you can email me your questions here for a personal response on how to get unstuck and moving again.



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