Is Google + the new Social Media King?

by Stephanie Weber

in Social Media

For anyone that’s not yet heard of Google +, it’s Google’s latest version of Buzz, which is designed to compete with Facebook.

After several failed attempts, Google + appears to be more on the money than ever before, with the ability to filter your friends, family, business contacts and any other group you care to mention into “Circles”. Then you can share your posts with specific Circles only, or add other Circles to your Stream. This should stop people getting fired the next day, when they post drunken photos on their Facebook page, and forget that their work colleagues are also their friends on their FB page.

Google + has also tried to address some of the privacy issues that has dogged Facebook over the years, although only time will tell whether they also fall foul of the potential advertising revenues potential by selling on their customer email database.

One of  its best features is the “Hangout” area. This is where you can open one of your Circles to show that you are available online for a video chat. Anyone within that Circle can drop in and out for a video chat, and still see everyone else in the Circle too. So it’s genuine competition to recently bought out Skype which has had limited video conferencing up until now. It is also serious business competition to GoToMeeting which is often used for webinars. This could be the one feature that makes Google +, a little like when students discovered text messaging on mobile phones all those years ago.

Google has kept the launch of Google + relatively quiet so far, preferring instead to limit the numbers of people getting access to it, whilst they iron out the bugs. So it’s absolutely fair play if you haven’t heard of Google +. It’s just that Internet Marketers love to be on the bleeding edge of technology, and so thus far, we’ve been the early adopters, actively testing it out.

Is it really competion to Facebook? Well it already has over 18 million subscribers in just over a couple of weeks. Not a patch on Facebooks 700 million just yet, but a good start alright. Techies have already made the switch, but the real test will be the consumer market. Will Mum’s and Dad’s want to move across? Probably only if their children do, and set it all up for them!

It could be serious competition to Twitter though. No limits on characters, the ability to add video and photos to posts, and not an obvious plug of products and services.

LinkedIn on the other hand is more of a niche market for employment, so it’s unlikely to really threaten too much there. But watch this space, as Google has not yet released it’s Google + version for business just yet.

If you’d like to be ahead of your friends and family, and would like an invite to Google +, (the only way you can get access right now) just give me your email address through the Contact Us page. Don’t worry, I will only use it to invite you to Google +. The only pre-requisite is that you must have a gmail account for this to work. Another clever ploy of Google to rival Hotmail and Yahoo.

Oh yes, and Google has just released it’s mobile app for G+ which runs super quickly and has all the same functionality.

So once your on the inside, look me up and let’s join Circles!

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