Why Your SEO Campaign Hasn’t Worked So Far

by Stephanie Weber

in SEO

You’ve tried your own hand at SEO and failed.

You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on the campaign and you now want to know what went wrong.

You feel like you’ve spent good money on something you don’t really understand which hasn’t delivered the results and now you feel like you’ve been conned.

Sound familiar?

Well, these scenarios and more are happening to small business around the world as we speak. Let’s explore a little more the reasons behind these all too common issues.

If you took a do-it-yourself approach, your campaign may not reach the success you’re expecting. SEO is much more complex these days and you need industry experts to help you succeed.

It’s no longer about just writing a couple of new pages and then submitting it to lots of local directories. Behind the scenes, SEO needs to be planned with proper deep linking strategies, as well as different forms of media such as video, podcasts and infographics.

But if you did hire a so-called expert and still didn’t get the results you were expecting, then maybe you didn’t partner with the right agency. The company most likely spent time coming up with excuses or by targeting keywords that do not have high search traffic associated with it.

Other reasons your campaign didn’t take off include:

Short-changing on the Service

If the pricing of the services you bought was too good to be true, then it probably was. Second-rate SEO companies offering cheap packages are actually short-changing on their services. They like to take advantage of businesses that know nothing about internet marketing.

If you hired a cheap SEO company, chances are you got the same level of quality for your campaign. Your agency most likely used automation software for your link building. It may have used an existing framework or revamped an old design for your website. Or it may have even used a substandard platform for monitoring the results of your campaign.

These old techniques could in fact result in your website being “slapped” by Google. So you could in fact be throwing all the money you spent on creating the website in the first place down the drain by using sub-standard SEO firms.

Employing Outdated SEO Methods

SEO’s playing field is and will always be forever changing. Everyone in the industry – from the web developers, to the SEO specialists, to the content writers – is working hard to stay on top of his or her game and keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Believe it or not, some SEO companies are simply too slow to adapt to the newest changes. Or for the cheaper operators, it may even be a conscious decision not to change.This in turn affects the quality of their work and the effectiveness of their clients’ campaigns. They may have used outdated methods like keyword overstuffing, automated content generation or an over-reliance on directory submissions.

Using the Wrong Type of SEO

SEO is not one-size-fits-all.

This is why good SEO companies customise their packages to cater to the different needs of their clients.

Yours probably created their packages based on the duration of the campaign and the amount of services included.

The type of SEO you need depends on your business objectives and the type of company you own.

For example, if you want to target Facebook and Twitter users, social media marketing is your best bet. If your business is a start-up and is about to launch in the market, local SEO or reputation management may be the better option for you.

Whatever caused your previous SEO campaign to fail – what matters is now.

SEO remains an important tool in bid to get your business found by your target audience above that of your competitors. So it’s best for you and your company to move on and learn from the experience. Instead of going on a quest for retribution, rethink your goals and, this time; hire a credible digital agency in London.

Choose a team that has the expertise, the experience, and everything else you need to succeed on your online marketing campaigns. Call us today so we can help you forget your past experiences and move on to achieve success.

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