2013 SEO Trends: Increasing Your SEO Power

by Stephanie Weber

in SEO,Strategy

With the constant evolution of search engine algorithms, it’s important to keep SEO practices up to date. If Google Penguin 2.0 has proven anything, it’s that some techniques can become quickly outdated. Many techniques that worked before are ineffective now. As such, it’s necessary to make the proper adjustments to keep up with the many changes.

Know what’s new in SEO for 2013, and find out how you can use these trends to benefit your online marketing campaign.

No More Web Spam

With Panda, Google officially waged war on webmasters using black-hat SEO techniques. Underhanded techniques such as paying for links, spinning articles, and creating links on irrelevant websites now have a negative effect. Google has made it clear that it won’t tolerate web spam anymore, and that quality content is more important now.

To climb the rankings, you need entertaining content that also provides value to people. When your content meets the criteria, users tend to share it on relevant websites, increasing the number of inbound links you receive.

Everyone’s Going Mobile

Almost 40% of users are now accessing the Internet through mobile devices. If this pattern continues, users will do half of all Internet browsing on mobile devices within a few years. With that said, it’s never been more important to adapt to this trend and make your website content mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’ll be giving up traffic, conversions, and sales. Even if you have a great website and offer fantastic products or services, mobile users are likely to switch to competitors when they have a negative experience.

Integrated Social Media

Social media is no longer simply a way for people to keep in touch with friends and family. It’s now a way of life, and has become the medium through which people share information each day. With the rise of mobile browsing, it’s now possible for people to access their social media accounts on the go.

To increase your ranking, incorporate social media on your website. Make it convenient for users to share your content on their chosen social networks through social share buttons. With these buttons, people can share your content quickly and easily on their profiles. This allows their friends and followers to have instant access to your content.

Webertek can help you use these SEO trends to benefit your online marketing campaign. Browse through our other pages to find out how we can help you increase your SEO power.

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