The 6 Things your Prospects need to know before they will Buy from You

by Stephanie Weber

in Sales

As a business owner, when we think about our hot prospects and ideal clients, all too often we believe that what is important to them is what our products and services are, how we can help their business and the all important price.

So during the lead nurturing phase at the very beginning of the buying cycle, we focus on telling the prospect all about our various products, how they compare and what they cost.  The fact is however, we have all too often jumped in too fast with the details, before establishing sufficient rapport with the client first.

In my previous post, I talked about my client Bob. As a provider of IT Support services to his clients, Bob had no trouble finding leads. His issue was with converting the leads into sales. So one day, I asked Bob to talk me through a typical initial consultation with a prospect.  As expected, it focussed on his product offerings and price.

He was most surprised when I told him there are 6 common questions every buyer will ask themselves before they commit to buy from you.

Would you like to hear what they are?

Before I tell you, just for a bit of fun, it would be good if you have a pad and pen in front of you just to take a couple of minutes to jot down what you think they may be. Then you can compare your list with mine and either give yourself a good hearty slap on the back or adjust your own sales pitch to try out on your next lead.

Ok, ready?

Here they are:

1. Who are you?

It’s important to give the prospect a brief resume of who you are and why you are qualified to help them

2. Do I trust you?

If you have done a good job of answering the first question, you should already have relaxed the prospect a little so that they feel comfortable you could do the job for them.

3. Am I afraid of it?

I find this is particularly pertinent in businesses where a technical solution is being sold, or for that matter it equally applies to accountancy. If you are in the health niche and selling a product that helps people with a certain condition, there may also be a degree of skepticism that first needs to be dealt with.

4. Will this work for me?

The initial questions are quite emotive ones, dealing with how the prospect feels about you and the product/service. After these have been addressed, it turns more into a practical set of questions, where you will need to have introduced your products and discussed how they can help the prospect.

5. Who says it’s important?

It is critical that you back up your sales pitch with an authority such as a well known company, brand, book or news article or social proof backing up independently the importance of your product or service. It helps your prospect to see an external proof element, especially if they are still feeling a little bit afraid or unsure if it will work for them. Testimonials are also effective, as Amazon and TripAdvisor are both testament too.

6. What will my peers think?

This question is perhaps a little more subjective, as some of you may believe other people’s opinions really don’t matter to you, so why should they to your client. But whether we are a a consumer buyer or a b2b buyer, the fact remains we like to discuss our purchases with others. From a business perspective, the buyer may need to justify the purchase first of course. So it is important to the buyer to feel comfortable that their buying decision won’t result in ridicule or feeling conned.

People buy on Emotions

Ultimately, all these questions come down to one thing:

 - how will this process make me feel?

It is your job to make your prospects feel good about purchasing from you. If you can do this, the product spec and price become secondary items. You only need to look at Apple’s success to realise that!

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