Will someone please tell me what Marketing is really about?

by Stephanie Weber

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You know, being a small business owner can be a bewildering place sometimes, can’t it?

We all start a business with the best of intentions – to make a difference, and to follow our own destiny on a path of our own choosing.

And yet no sooner have we started, then it suddenly becomes clear that we need to be good at product launches, pricing, keeping our books, paying tax, finding prospects, selling, delivering our product/service, customer service, invoicing, chasing payment, encouraging the purchase of further products, keeping one step ahead of our competitors…to name but a few!

It can quickly make that office job, where you only have to concentrate on your main speciality, pretty appealing again, can’t it?

So it is little wonder, that when it comes down to the bread and butter elements of any business – sales & marketing, many business owners are not really that certain what it is that needs to be done.

It can be a little embarrassing to accept that fact and look for help.

Somehow, it feels a bit dumb to not really understand what the key elements of these incredibly important business foundations actually are and then to take action in carrying them out. But if we are to make a difference, our customers need to know about us.

Instead, we focus on staying within our comfort zones, hoping that our ideal clients will find us, but wondering why the business isn’t doing better.

Whilst the new channel of marketing your business online has been a heaven-sent economical gift for many a small business owner, it is also guilty of muddying the waters.

Go to any Networking event around the country, and you will find web designers, web developers (what’s the difference by the way)?, SEO experts, PPC experts, and social media experts.

It must be most bewildering for any business owner to know which of these is needed in their business, which one will provide quicker results, and whether there is a better strategy for your particular industry or sector.

But the real problem is that it de-constructs what marketing is really all about -

    • informing as many of your ideal clients about how you can help them
    • and generating quality leads that can be converted into customers

For in difficult economic times, the one main concern for all businesses is survival!

And no, that’s not being over dramatic at all.

Several industries, such as the solar panel sector for example, were doing exceedingly well. A growth sector in fact. That was until the government broke something that didn’t need fixing. And before you know it, there are many solar panel installation companies going bust every week.

Whilst in the Trades, the residential market is pretty quiet, and many electricians and plumbers are instead turning their focus to commercial customers instead. Of course, competition is strong, as everyone is in the same boat, fighting for survival.

So what will make the difference in these difficult times?

One key factor is understanding your ideal client.

What is it that they really need right now?

And then making sure that your product/service can solve that problem.

If you can show that you really understand your customers, and what they need, they will choose you straight away over the others also clammering for their time and money. As no matter what your business is, if you are not generating leads and letting your ideal clients know about you, you will not generate any sales, and then there is no business.

So above all, you need a clear marketing strategy. From the strategy comes the marketing plan, the how you are going to achieve your business goals.

And that’s where we can help you.

We deliver bespoke strategic marketing systems that will generate your business quality leads that will grow your business.

Our results speak for themselves and as we create a strategy based around your business goals. We only speak your language – quality leads, increased sales, higher profit margins, business growth.

You never need worry about what SEO or PPC is ever again.

To have a chat about how your marketing strategy needs to reflect your business goals, give us a call now on 0203 286 0230. We will be delighted to get you on the right track straight away, and working towards the business you want.








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