How web marketing companies can increase your business profits

by Stephanie Weber

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Not that long ago, it was only the large corporates, with their big budgets who could afford to pay for Marketing Agencies and those infamous PR firms to help position them in the market and then to create the sales channels to connect their products to their ideal customers.

For the SME’s with their tighter budgets and cash flow issues, marketing and PR has traditionally been overlooked, with all the captial expenditure being ploughed into building and selling the widgets.

Then with the dawn of the Internet, the rule book was torn up. Suddenly the smaller businesses could carry out their own marketing for next to nothing on the Internet. A proliferation of information products arose, selling how to make a million online to enthusiastic entrepreneurs. And it all went a bit mad whilst SME’s tried to play catch up to the big boys. We all know what happened next – the Dot Com crash.

Since that time, lessons have been learnt and even the smallest “hobby” business has at least a blog and in most cases a grown-up website. Business owners have become savvy with the latest terms, be that Google +, Twitter, SEO or PPC. And businesses are keen to learn it all and give it a go themselves.

The issue with this approach is that just like we could do our own business accounts if we wanted to, or fix the exhaust problem with the car, we choose not to, as we are not qualified accountants or indeed trained mechanics. We may know a lot about the topics, but nothing can ever substitue experience and expert product and industry knowledge.

Whilst a “have a go” internet marketer business owner can certainly learn the basics about the principles of social media, or how to create back links for better SEO to their website, it will only ever scratch the surface. It is how all the various pieces of the online jigsaw puzzle of website development, SEO, email marketing, paid for advertising, information products fit together that makes the difference between wasted time and money and increased sales and profits.

Web marketing companies do just that.

They provide marketing consultancy and the right tools for their clients to ensure that all their online investments actually pay off in new customers, increased sales and higher profits.

Many business owners are doing lots of the right things but feeling frustrated at the lack of results. It leads to them feeling disillusioned, and giving up on internet marketing as a channel to market. In turn, their competitors are rubbing their hands in glee. Instead of wasting time trying to learn it all themselves, these business owners have bought the expertise of a web marketing company to help them achieve their online targets, and as a result cream off all the best calibre clients looking for their services on the Internet.

In these tougher economic times, where all businesses are necessarily being more cautious about spending capital, those that do invest in getting their web marketing right will always be ahead of their competitors.

So take some time to review your own marketing strategies and plans. Chances are, if it is an ad hoc and reactive “now let’s give this a go” type strategy, you are one of the frustrated business owners wondering why you have built it but no one is coming. Well, just because I go out and buy 4 tyres, a steering wheel and an engine, it doesn’t mean I have a fully functioning car, just a pile of some of the component parts.

Even if you do still want to put the component parts together yourself, do at least get the best marketing company you can afford to show you how all the parts should fit together. Then you will be at least one step ahead of your competitors because you took action and invested in the future of your business.

At Webertek, we can provide you with a Marketing Report within a week that will assess what your business is currently doing well, not so well or not at all in terms of an online marketing strategy. And we’ll even give you a detailed plan on how to finally start achieving your online goals. Then it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to build it yourself, or let us do it for you.

Call us now on 0203 286 0230 if you want to stop getting beaten to the best customers by your competitors. Or enter your details on our Contact Us page, and we’ll call you right back.




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