How to choose the Right Marketing Company for Your Business

by Stephanie Weber

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Nowadays many small businesses are far more in touch with the benefits of internet marketing than the larger corporates who still believe that marketing is only about branding and pretty colours.

You only have to go to one networking event to find a multitude of specialists in web design, search engine optimisation, social media or copywriting to name but a few. So with so much choice on offer, how do you make sure that you make the right choice for your business?

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Are you new to marketing or a seasoned pro? This is important as if you are less experienced you will need a marketing company that is able to provide  a one-stop shop of marketing services rather than a specialist. If you already have a direct response website for your business that is attracting leads, it may be that you require a more specialised marketing agency to help you in specific areas only, such as converting those leads into sales.
  2. Can the marketing company be your trusted advisor? Like everything in business, trust is an important factor when choosing a supplier, especially when as a business owner, it is your “baby”. So look for a marketing company that is confident, (but not cocky), and helps you to understand everything without talking down to you. You should feel comfortable enough to believe that no question is a silly one if you require clarification. Clearly you cannot expect them to know everything, but they should know the right questions to ask and where to go for the answers. Finally, they should be using the same internet marketing techniques for their own business successfully. If not, walk away.
  3. Can you collaborate together? When you start a new project with a marketing firm, you don’t want them to throw all your ideas out of the window and expect you to follow an entirely new path. Make sure your chosen agency listens to your ideas, and can offer suggestions and solutions without overriding your needs.
  4. Will you be kept in the dark or regularly informed on progress? There is a fine balance between knowing too much and knowing nothing at all. When you start a project with a new supplier, it is important that you are kept regularly updated as this builds trust and helps you to understand the processes. Once you are more confident in the supplier, you may be happier to reduce the level of communication a notch or two. But the Project Manager should feel more like a teacher or a coach. When a project is well managed, your marketing team will be working alongside you through each step of the process, almost like an extension to your business. Don’t expect them to hold your hand the whole time, but do expect them to answer your questions promptly, tell you where the project stands, and what needs to be done next to keep the project on track.
  5. Will they teach you how to fish? – whilst you do not need to become an expert marketer yourself, a good marketing company will ensure that before the end of the project, you know what the next steps should be or how to keep growing your marketing strategies. A common problem for business owners is that a one man band web designer will not explain that a website is only the beginning. It needs to be fed, watered and regularly weeded and pruned if it is going to grow into a successful lead generating site. A good marketing company will ensure you understand how all the different techniques fit together and how you can use them to keep on reeling in the big fish in front of your competitors time after time.

It is important to remember the main reason why you are employing a marketing company in the first place. It is to boost contact and communication with your target market. Your marketing efforts should help customers to relate to you in an emotional way that encourages them to trust you. Ask your customers for feedback and make adjustments based on their needs. When you hit the right formula, you will know by your increased sales figures and positive customer feedback.

At Webertek, we believe we measure up against all these key points, as our clients regularly tell us so in our regular feedback surveys. But don’t take our word for it, book a free phone marketing consultation with us now to discover how you can attract more clients online. Just complete the Contact Us form here, or call us on 0203 286 0230

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