What is Email Marketing?

by Stephanie Weber

in Email Marketing

In the days before the internet, much business marketing activity took place via direct mail and the telephone.

You may have noticed that the amount of direct mail that you now receive daily from the postman is much lower. That’s not to say that direct mail is not still a widely used and successful marketing technique.

However, with the advent of the World Wide Web, one of its many benefits is that it has afforded is for small business owners to market their business cheaply and very effectively themselves online.

Email marketing therefore has become the online equivalent of direct mail, although it can be much more interactive through the use of videos, podcasts, free e-books embedded into the emails on the email campaign.

Unless your business is an e-commerce site, where you are directly selling your products and services via your website, most businesses have an authority website.

This is where the business introduces it’s products and services to it’s clients online. Rather like an online show window. It also endeavours to provide information about the business and its staff to build credibility. And most important of all, it tells the visitor how this business can solve their problems.

This next part is where 99% of small business owners now waste all their hard work.

They have spent money on getting SEO traffic to their website, they have also spent time creating a direct response website with quality content. However, once the visitor is on the site, they do not tell the visitor what they’d like them to do next. This is called a Call to Action.

In the case of an e-commerce site, the call to action would be for the visitor to buy a product from the website.

But in most cases for authority or brochure sites there is no call to action, so the visitor usually just clicks the Back button to return to their Google Search, and you have lost this visitor forever, and hence the opportunity to convert their visit into a sale.

One of the most successful marketing techniques therefore, is for the call to action to be for the visitor to provide their email address in return for a useful e-book, video, newsletter or even survey that would add value to the visitor and what their problem is. By doing this, the visitor will have no issue providing you with their email address as the benefit to them will make it worth while.

Once you have the visitors email address, you can begin to build a relationship with them via a sequence of pre-written emails that will be sent automatically at a time pre-determined by you. It has been said that it takes 7 types of communication with a prospect before they will buy from you online. So this doesn’t mean bombarding them with spam or even a hard sell email every day.

Instead, if you viewed it in the same manner that you would a business networking group, it’s more about getting to know your prospect, building trust with them, and providing quality information that makes receiving your emails worthwhile. If you manage to achieve this successfully, you will create a quality prospects list which can then provide one of your marketing channels for new clients.

If you would like to know more about how email marketing will build your business long-term loyal clients, just download our free guide on “The 7 Secrets to Websites that Sell“.

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