You thought you hired really good SEO services and you were excited about the results. You spent tons of money doing online campaigns, pushing your site to the top of search engine results. But how come there’s no traffic? What’s in your campaign that left it completely uninteresting for viewers? Just because you maintain top [...]

With the constant evolution of search engine algorithms, it’s important to keep SEO practices up to date. If Google Penguin 2.0 has proven anything, it’s that some techniques can become quickly outdated. Many techniques that worked before are ineffective now. As such, it’s necessary to make the proper adjustments to keep up with the many [...]

There are plenty of ways for you to enhance your SEO campaign. You can employ an email marketing strategy to reconnect with your existing client base. You can also run social media campaigns to engage the younger audience and gain more traffic to your website. If there is one strategy, however, that is worth trying, [...]

You’ve tried your own hand at SEO and failed. You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on the campaign and you now want to know what went wrong. You feel like you’ve spent good money on something you don’t really understand which hasn’t delivered the results and now you feel like you’ve been conned. Sound familiar? Well, [...]

2012 was a very active year in Google Land. And there is nothing to suggest 2013 will be any different. Google has made the most changes to the algorithms that determine how search results are ranked in its entire history. So it is little wonder if you are confused by the Penguin and Panda updates, [...]

Many small business owners are left scratching their heads as to the reasons why their online business isn’t bringing in the bacon. After all, they have invested good money into a website that looks good, and that should be enough, shouldn’t it? The business owner is so busy with everything else in the business, that [...]

Do you have a website that’s attracting fewer visitors than a Museum about Traffic Wardens would? Webertek’s high quality SEO services delivers fast results for your website leading to increased sales and profits that will leave your competitors stunned. SEO services can help boost your business by drawing more visitors to your company’s website, which in [...]